AviStack is a freeware tool that registers, stacks and processes movies and image sequences.

Copyright © 2010 Michael Theusner


The main developers of AviStack are Michael Theusner (main program) and Joe Zawodny (processing tools).

Special thanks go to:

  • Andrew Cool (Testing, IDL programming tips)
  • Stefan Lammel (Testing)
  • Wolfgang Paech (Testing)
  • Wolfgang Sorgenfrey (Testing)
  • Paolo Tanga (Testing)
  • Aurélie Le Fort (French language implementation)
  • Marco Sellini (Italian language implementation)
  • Heiko Wilkens (SER format implementation support)
  • Ronn Kling (AVI reader DLM)
  • Cor Berrevoets (Wavelet sharpening implementation support)
  • Oliver Stiehler (AviStack logo)

Also many thanks to all the users who have reported bugs and, thus, contributed to the improvement of AviStack!


Please, use the AviStack User Group for questions, recommendations and wishes for future versions.

Addtionally, you can contact me by email.