Imagery processed with AviStack compared with RegiStax

Apart from here, you can additionally find some very nice images produced with AviStack on Wolfgang Sorgenfrey's website and also on mine!

A comparison was also performed by Wolfgang Paech. Find his results here.

All following images were identically processed.



The ISS imaged by Oliver Stiehler on 24 July 2008 (9" Mak).



Near crater Theophilus. Image by Wolfgang Paech, C14 (click on image for full resolution). In Registax 96 reference points were used for the 1360 frames (1024x768) and took about 90 minutes. AviStack used 2571 reference points and needed 29 minutes for procesing.



Area around crater Hommel. Image by Wolfgang Paech, C14.



Area around crater Werner. Imaged by Michael Theusner on 12 May 2008, C11.



Area around crater Wilkins. Imaged by Michael Theusner on 11 May 2008, 8" refractor.



Crater Langrenus. The AVI was recorded under very bad seeing conditions. Michael Theusner, 8" refractor.